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Readers Management Rules

1. 保持馆内安静,请勿大声喧哗和制造其他噪音。

Please keep quiet, don't make any noise or noise.

2. 保持馆内卫生,请勿随地吐痰、乱扔废弃物品;请勿在阅览室及书库内用餐。

Please keep health, do not spit, throw waste items. ?Please don't eat in the reading room and stacks.

3. 进出不拥挤,不抢占座位。

Please don't push and seize seats while going in and out.

4. 请保管好自己的贵重物品。

Please take care of your valuables.

5. 馆内严禁烟火,严禁在馆内吸烟。

No smoking inside.

6. 爱护图书馆建筑和设施,请勿随意挪动阅览室桌椅。

Please take care of the buildings and facilities, and don't move the desks and chairs.

7. 注意衣冠整洁,举止和言语文明。

Please wear neatly, behave and speak in a civilized manner.

8. 爱惜书刊及公共设施,损坏公物照章赔偿。

Please cherish books and public facilities, any damage will ask compensation in rules.



Compensation Rules

(一) ? ?“图书资料逾期占用费”的交纳及损坏遗失书刊和公物的赔偿

Payment of overdue fees, compensation for damage and lost.

1. 借书逾期不还者,自过期第一天开始计算到还书之日,须交纳每天0.50元/ 册的“图书资料逾期占用费”。“图书资料逾期占用费”由读者和管理人员分别签字有效。

If overdue, the book shall be paid on the first day after the expiration of the return date, 0.5 yuan per day for one book. The overdue fees comes into force after being signed by the readers and administrators respectively.

2. 如果个人或集体(由经办人负责)不能归还所借书、刊,应由个人或经办人负责赔偿,原则上应以相同版本、卷期之书刊赔偿,如不能则按下列情况处理:

If individual or collective (managers in charge) can't return the books and periodicals, the individual or collective will take responsible for the payment. The payment asks for the same version or period of books and periodicals in principle. If can’t, according to the following circumstances:

1) 一般中文图书按原价3-5倍赔偿。

Chinese books will be compensated at 3-5 times of original price in general.


If the complete book set lost or damaged, it shall be paid at full price, no surplus books shall be requested.


If any book of Chinese periodicals lost, the compensation will be charged for the annual price. If any magazines lost, the compensation will be charged for the annual price.

4) 应当归还的图书,如未归还,收取每天1元/册的图书资料逾期占用费。

If the book should be return while not, 1 yuan per day for one book.

3. 污损的图书、期刊、资料,如果不影响其内容和管理的,五页以内,按原价二分之一赔偿;五页以上按原价赔偿。影响其内容和管理的,按丢失赔偿。

If the fouling of books, periodicals and materials are not affected does not affect the text content and management, compensate half original price between five pages. If more than five pages, whole original price. If affects content and management, compensate for lost.

4. 借阅证被别人所用,因借走书刊等所造成的损失,由证件所有人负责赔偿。

If any damage or lost while library cards using by others, the cards owner takes full responsibility.

5. 已赔偿的丢失书刊,在一个月内找到原书者,可交还原书刊,并办理退款手续,但应该收图书资料逾期占用费。

If the books retrieved after being compensated, you can return the original book. You can get a refund, after paying for the overdue fees.

6. 以相同版本赔偿丢失图书者,须交纳重新编目加工费5元/册。

If compensating same edition for lost books, 5 yuan per book should be paid for re cataloguing.

7. 损坏或丢失图书馆的公物,均按原价赔偿。

Any damage or loss, compensate by the original price.

(二) ? ?对偷窃书刊者的处理规定

Steal Rules


Revoke the library card until all processing has been completed.


Economic penalties: according to the cost of 5-20 times the price of the stolen documents, refer to the compensation for missing rules, execute by upper limit.


Written examination by ownself.


The library inform unit.


If the circumstances are serious, it shall be dealt with in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.



Electronic reading room staffs management responsibility

1. 遵守国家法律、法规和本文件的规定,为读者提供文明、优质的服务。

Abide by the laws and regulations, and provide civilized and high quality services for readers.

2. 工作人员熟悉馆藏和互联网上的信息资源,能够辅导读者上机操作。

The staff are familiar with the collection and information resources on the Internet, and can help the readers operate on the computer.

3. 维护阅览室正常的阅览秩序,对读者违反规定的行为要及时予以制止。

Maintain the normal reading order in the reading room, promptly stop readers from breaking rules.

4. 对计算机、打印机等硬件设备进行定期检查和维护。

Inspect and maintain of computers, printers and other hardware equipments regularly.

5. 根据有效证件对上机人员进行登记(姓名、单位、证件种类、证件号、上机起止时间、机号等)。

Register readers by valid cards(name, unit, type of cards, ID number, time of start and stop, machine number, etc.).

6. 馆必须要有不少于二名经过省中心认证培训并取得培训合格证的人员参与电子阅览室管理,以保证电子阅览室的正常服务与管理。

There must be no less than two stuffs who have passed the provincial central certification training to manage electronic reading rooms, to ensure the normal service and management.



Management rules of electronic reading room


Applicants with library cards, machines, one person, one machine, one system. This room provides the electronic literature database retrieval, the electronic book reading, the collection literature search, the collection with books, the CD browsing, the downloading.


Strictly abide by the relevant state laws and regulations on computer network security. It is strictly forbidden to visit unhealthy websites containing violence and pornographic content, and to stop taking or disseminating pornographic, reactionary and derogatory reports, films and pictures on the Internet, and releasing harmful information strictly. It is strictly prohibited to use and circulate uncivilized books, software, CD and computer software and CD data in violation of our current laws and regulations and social morals in this room. For violation of regulations, administrators have the right to refuse to receive or take mandatory shutdown and other management measures.


Take care of indoor facilities and strictly prohibit illegal operation. Use the machine before you check the keyboard, mouse, headset is intact, found defects, including software and hardware computer failure, please report to the staff immediately, without staff permission, unable to move or install computer and other equipment, otherwise I am responsible for the damage caused by the readers.

4.保持室内卫生,勿将食品、饮 上机者料带入室内。严禁吸烟、乱扔果皮、纸屑。废弃物放纸篓。听音乐时请调低音量,以免影响他人。

Keep indoor hygiene. Don't bring food or drink into the room. No smoking, littering or wastepaper. Waste paper basket. Please turn down the volume when listening to the music so as not to influence others.


Do not chat indoors (including online voice chat), do not affect other people's actions. Keep the room quiet. Please don't make any noise and answer the phone. If the seat is full, please wait at the waiting counter.


CD with the book, the book can be found through the CD, but also by the call number lookup. (not found, you can apply.)


Electronic reading room is designed for readers who use computers, but not for other readers. Please turn off the machine and put the earphones and chairs in place when you get off the plane.


Please consciously abide by this room management system, otherwise the staff has the right to force the machine or to the relevant departments to deal with.

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